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Author Nikki Gemmell has introduced me to a new word. Probably not new to snow bunnies. But I grew up water skiing, so there weren’t many opportunities to go off-piste.

The Macquarie Dictionary defines piste as a ski trail or course, so Nikki’s use of off-piste as an adjective is usually in no way related to virgin snow off the regular ski runs, but appropriately peppered here and there in her articles and narratives to take the reader off the beaten track.

Eyebrows starting to go off-piste… in a 4WD…..

I’m loving Nikki Gemmell’s columns each Saturday in The Weekend Australian. After 14 years in London she has returned home. In her words, she ‘craved the sparkling light of Australia’. She oozes such positivity about Australia. And like her descriptions of the central Australian desert in ‘Cleave’, Nikki’s keen observations and comparisons between life in London and Australia are sharp and nostalgic. She reminds readers of the power of our connection to home.

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