word fusion collaborates productively to provide freelance editing, writing and proofreading services to a diverse range of industries in the private and public sectors.

Established by Nicole Markwick in 2010, word fusion brings together the facets needed to produce well written and visually attractive documents, either in print or electronic format. Nicole is able to identify easily with people and and collaborates to understand the essence of a message to be communicated in corporate or promotional contexts.

Nicole completed a BA (Professional Writing and Communication) at the University of South Australia in 2001. This degree prepared Nicole with a body of knowledge and strategies to apply this knowledge in different and constantly changing environments. It also provided a detailed study of linguistics and sociolinguistics, and focused on professional writing and communication required in professional workplaces.

An experienced and creative editor, Nicole has spent the past 13 years providing freelance editing and writing services to clients throughout Australia. This experience teamed with prior work experience in corporate business provides Nicole with broad and unique capabilities to undertake any diverse project in any professional workplace.